Abortion Ed & Recovery

It is good you are taking the time to do some research before you make your final decision because there are risks, just as there are with any other medical procedure, and you are wise to weigh them.

Are you pregnant?

This is always the first question to ask. Our center is here to help you confirm your pregnancy on a more personal basis, one-on-one, and to look at your particular situation.

It’s also important to get verification of pregnancy from a reliable independent source like a physician.


Abortion is not just a simple procedure. There may be physical side effects. There can also be psychological, emotional and spiritual consequences. We offer information to those who want to know about the different types of abortion. It is good to educate yourself. You can also do your own research on sites like pregnancy decision help line http://pregnancydecisionline.org/questions/considering-abortion/

You may have many questions. You may believe that an abortion will "take care of" the problem. Do you see this pregnancy as a lump of cells or a baby? Would having an ultra sound change your opinion? How will you feel about your decision in the future?

We are here to listen to your concerns, give you information if you want it. We care about you and want to be someone you can talk to in confidence. Remember no one should force you to have an abortion. It is your decision. Please feel free to call or stop by the center for help and support.

Healing the Hurt of a past abortion

Signs of Stress:

  1. Guilt
  2. Self-destructive behaviors
  3. Re-experiencing events related to the abortion
  4. Anxiety
  5. Psychological numbing
  6. Depression
  7. Preoccupation with becoming pregnant again
  8. Anxiety over fertility
  9. Trouble in bonding with your other children
  10. Anniversary reactions

The Path to Healing:

  1. Remember the Pain
  2. Accept Forgiveness
  3. Identify and Release the Anger
  4. Grieve the Loss
  5. Take Hope!
  6. Reach out....you are not alone

We offer post-abortion counseling. Call us for an appointment with a peer advocate who can help you through your path to healing.

Remember everything is confidential!

Online help is available at http://www.abortionrecovery.org/